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To take your business to the next level with our services that will give you that profesional look

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Websites and Apps designed to show your business or blog in the best possible light, full of interesting and pertinant content that will keep visitors interested and get them involved.



All sites and apps developed using the latest technologies and up to date code, custom coded or built using Frameworks and Libraries, all programming done with security in mind.



All websites designed to be responsive on all devices from a single landing page to sites with several pages with forms, images and fonts to show off your content and business.


Games and Apps

I have designed and developed several games and apps using Javascript, I have rescently begun to code with React and I have found it to be a great resource for these projects.

About Me

I joined the Junior Leaders Regiment Royal Engineers at 16 after finishing school at Easthampstead Park comprehensive. I can't say I was a good student, constantly getting into trouble!
The army soon put me on the right path giving me a sense of discipline and focus, I became a changed person. Whilst in the army, I travelled to many different countries and enjoyed it very much. I learned to work in a team and as an individual picking up many skills.
Unfortunately the skills I gained in the army were not really transferable to civilian life. That being the case I struggled to find my place in society, going from one job to another, never being happy or content with the life I was leading.
Then two years ago I picked up a cheap laptop and found the internet and suddenly my eyes were opened and I could see the vast landscape of what was possible. Since then I have learnt several coding languages, made several websites and Apps. I am now hoping to make a niche for myself as a freelance Developer.
I have several hobies, including chess, Rugby Union and cricket. I write the occassional blog and of course I still continue to learn to code.

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Services I Provide

I can provide a great many online services starting from the website / app creation through to setting up a hosting package and everthing in between!


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Monetize your Website

In todays modern world it is essential to get yourself noticed, and what better way than to have a Website that shows off yourself and your products to a much larger audience than what was possible years ago. Instead of your customers coming to your shop, you can now take your shop to the world.

You can use your site for anything, from organizing groups and clubs to using it to show your own interests and hobbies to the people you want to share with, you can do what you want with your own platform and the possibilities are endless. So what are you waiting for? You can get up and running for a reasonable price.

1. Blogging

Getting your Website to make money is all about getting a good traffick stream to your site, and a good Blog does that. Once you have an idea for your blog get it started, create useful content that will engage your audience. Next you need to find readers, a good place for this is social media, Facebook and Twitter. Another great platform is Steemit.com,get enough people following your blog there and you can generate an income by doing that alone.

Once you have your audience there are a variety of ways to make money, Advertizing, Affiliate Income, even selling your own products such as content writting and digital downloads and providing other services that are connected to your Blog theme. But first you need that great blog theme that will engage your audience, and you need to know how to present your content. If you have no experience there are hundreds of courses you can take to help you build your blog. There are several sites that provide courses, some cheap, some expensive, some even free!

There are several sites that do great courses, personally I would recommend Udemy.com,

2. Selling Your Site

Another great way to make a website pay is by selling it. Of course to get the best price for the site is yet again, to get a good traffic stream to your site, get good content that people want to see and that holds their interest. Once you are confident of getting a good price, get an account at Flippa.com, some people make a great deal of money by doing this.

Another avenue you could choose is actually selling stuff from your site, turn your website into an online shop.

There are two main sites that do this, personally I would recommend Shopify.co.uk, and Wix.com.

3. Selling Your Services

If creating digital products is your thing, a website is a great place to sell them. From teaching videos and coaching sessions, make a great site to advertize your products. You can make Research reports and assessments, good research is always in demand.

You can provide vouchers and gift certificates for people to redeem with you for your services, people always enjoy free stuff! You can build templates and themes for Wordpress, or to sell yourself, there is always a market for quality work. Whatever you decide to go with, I can help by building a great platform at a reasonable price to get you there.

Design and Development

Having a website built with the right design and development can make all the difference to being successfull in showcasing yourself and your business to the world.

I have all the skills necessary to build the website of your dreams. You will get a free quote on the project you want completed, and regular updates at set stages throughout the project. If you are unhappy at any stage, I will adjust the design so that you are 100% satisfied, your happyness is my goal!

1. Website Creation

I want you to get the website you want, so after I have received your instruction I will give you a general description of the project and at set stages you can give your input on any changes you want made.

How your site is set up is very important, you want people to be interested and to keep their interest you need eye catching design that makes them want to continue reading your content, and eventually a goal, a reason for them to get in touch, whether it is social or a service you provide. Great design helps to get you there!

2. Hosting and Security

The number of Hosting packages is growing by the day, what is important is to get the package that suits your needs. If you find it all to confusing, I can set up a package for you. If it is something you would like to do yourself there are many to choose from. Here are some comparison sites.

: Top 10 Website Hosting

: Web Hosting Top 10.com

: Top 10 Best websitehosting.co.uk

: WebHosting ReviewPlanet.com

Security is a must in this day and age with everyone and his brother trying to hack your site and install viruses and malware. Fortunately you can take measures to combat this, like writing code to stop header injection and spam emails. There is also a plethora of software on the market you can employ.

3. Website SEO and Maintenance

I will use the latest methods to get your site recognized by Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing, using the correct meta tags and building links and keyword research. There are websites that concentrate on just SEO and you may decide to go that way, one such site is The Hoth, and another is Semrush.com.

Once you are up and running you will have to update your site regulary, for security, and to change content. For a reasonable price I will maintain your site and update it when needed. So there you are, the way to get up and running, so don't let the competition get ahead and take action now! I look forward to hearing from you. ~

“ The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”
Winston Churchill

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